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Don't bottole up thoughts of suicide or threats like bullying. Now you can report them to someone who can make a difference using your smart phone – and do it anonymously if you want.

Students: You Deserve To Be Safe At School

If you or a friend is being bullied, or if you see bullying at school, what can you do? Do you risk getting bullied yourself? Can you change anything without making things worse?

Or maybe you learn about someone being bullied on Instagram, Facebook or another network. Again, what can you do?

Or maybe the worst is happening and someone you know is thinking about suicide. Maybe it’s you.

It can be hard, impossible to go to someone at school and talk about these things. But here’s an option: what if you had a phone app that would allow you to send a message, even an anonymous message, to let someone know what you are seeing or experiencing.

There is an app and it’s called SafeStudents. Just like it sounds, it’s designed to help young students and teens stay safe. If you are being bullied or feel depressed, or even thinking of suicide, simply open the app and with a few clicks you can send a message to someone at your school who can help. If you want to remain anonymous, you can.

Using the app is easy. Just download it from here then type in the code from your school – it will be on posters throughout the building. If your school isn’t signed up yet, ask your parents or a teacher about getting connected.

It’s good for you and it’s good for your friends. SafeStudents!

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance