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Prevention and Management Tools for Bullying, Harassment and Violence in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educators are often a target for parents, the press and government when it comes to preventing things like bullying and suicides.

Now More Than Ever, Educators Need This Software

No one needs to tell you that bullying, suicide and other tragedies are a problem in school today. Worse, everyone expects schools to be able to monitor every event, track them by the hundreds and sift through the data for trends and critical danger signs.

Believe it or not, that option is now available. IntegraEd utilizes two technologies, including one that causes many of the problems: smart phones. Our SafeStudents app gives children and teens a tool they can access virtually anywhere, anytime. With the same ease as posting on Facebook, they can report conflicts like bullying or thoughts of suicide. They can make reports about themselves, or anonymously communicate their concerns about a friend or classmate.

On the receiving side, IntegraEd’s ComplyAssist software for educators seamlessly collects students reports on concerns and threats to whomever the school delegates. The cloud-based software intuitively tracks reports AND helps ensure that the right people follow up when time matters.

Now more than ever, this is critical for your students as well as your parents, your school and the entire district. Suicide is the leading cause of death for middle school students and the second highest cause for high schoolers. Bullying is nearing epidemic proportions. And, increasingly, educators are being asked: why didn’t you do more?

SafeStudents and ComplyAssist help you answer those questions, and they help keep your schools safe.

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance