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Prevention and Management Tools for Bullying, Harassment and Violence in Schools, Colleges and Universities

A student has been bullied repeatedly, suffers depression and finally commits suicide. One of the student’s friends saw what was happening but didn’t know how to talk about it and was afraid to say anything.

If that friend had possessed this app, he or she could have alerted school officials who might have been able to do something. Now a student is dead, education officials are dealing with the aftermath and the friend will be affected for the rest of his or her life.

This app is the RIGHT Response

Protection for You and Your Students:
The Safe Students Phone App

Afraid for a friend? Afraid for yourself? Report situations where students, a friend or someone they know is in danger or feels unsafe.

The IntegraEd Safe Students smart phone app is now available as the most contemporary, easy-to-use way to report concerns about bullying, harassment or other issues in school or anywhere. Quick, easy follow-up questions help administrators get an idea of an issue's nature and seriousness, share with other staff and recommend action.

Just like our CompliAssisst software system, Safe Students is both simple and flexible, allowing schools to exploit its advantages while avoiding a complex learning curve. Its clean, intuitive interface is perfect for quick use, especially by students who are never without their phones.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people and this app can be an important tool to keep yourself and your friends safe. It lead you to answer questions emergency providers need to help identify problems then quickly sends them to the right school automatically using your phone’s location services.

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