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Prevention and Management Tools for Bullying, Harassment and Violence in Schools, Colleges and Universities

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Become a IntegraEd member and receive access to all outstanding ComplyAssist nondiscrimination policy and procedure templates that can help you and your organization get started today. Sign in at right or contact (913) 927-0229 or to become a member.

Our library currently includes:

  • New: Federal Positions Clarified

  • IntegraEd Case Study—real-world example of IntegraEd policies, proedures and investigations in action.

  • IntegraEd Compliance Kit—Outstanding, free resource to begin your organization's efforts to meet federal Title IX requirements.

  • Title IX Information Packet—Comprehensive overview of Title IX requirements and related IntegraEd procedures.

  • Title IX Policy Templates—IntegraEd's suggested organizational changes to begin Title IX compliance.

  • Title IX Report Form—Free template for educators to use in creating their own Title IX incident reports.

  • Title IX White Paper—A detailed examination of the implications and requirements of Title IX for schools, colleges and universities.

  • Staff Checklist for all Investigations of Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance