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IntegraEd Materials: Policy and Procedures Templates

To bring your school’s nondiscrimination policy in compliance with Title IX’s 17 specific requirements, IntegraEd provides 17 corresponding templates allowing you to create, sustain and properly document your efforts.

IntegraEd’s ComplyAssist program covers the following required content:

  • Definition of sexual violence
  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Definition of consent
  • Definition and conditions of a hostile sexual environment
  • Defining the school’s Title IX jurisdiction
  • Prohibiting discrimination statement
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Strategies for bystander intervention
  • Disciplinary code and sanctioning perpetrators
  • Steps for responding to a victim
  • Detailed 18-step grievance procedure
  • Special consideration for international student victims
  • Investigation and reporting procedures
  • Procedures for reporting a Title IX complaint
  • Retaliation prohibition policy
  • Post-incident data collection of victim
  • Defining reasonable time frames

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