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IntegraEd Courses: Offenders

ComplyAssist also features three courses for offending students, each 15 minutes long and each customized with age-appropriate language and explanations. The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights mandates that students found in violation of Title IX receive additional education.

Each course reviews Title IX’s rules and emphasizes that student victimization is both hurtful and inappropriate and could lead to additional disciplinary action, including suspension and even expulsion.

Below are sample video excerpts of the IntegraEd online courses.

  1. Kindergarten through Second Grade Student Offenders
  2. Third through Sixth Grade Student Offenders
  3. Middle through High School Student Offenders

(Note, these and the full videos follow Office of Civil Rights/Department of Eduction age guidelines, utilizing language and content which they require.)

Offender K-2

Offender, Grade 3-6

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