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Title IX Investigator Training

IntegraEd's Title IX Investigator Training is among our most sought-after services. Even institutions that have begun working toward compliance find that acquiring the necessary expertise that meets Office of Civil Rights requirements is difficult. Our program will have your organization in compliance rapidly and completely, ensuring you can conduct the required post event investigations as required by federal law. This one step will reduce your liabilities measurably.

IntegraEd Investigator Training Outline:

I. What OCR requires of all schools. This is an overview of what was specified in the April 29, 2014 “Dear Colleague” letter from OCR mandating or requiring schools to develop and implement a plan that contains these elements.

II. Presentation of the OCR mandated definitions, policies, and procedures — there are 19  different items that a school district or university need to adopt, ratify and then follow.  

III. What should be investigated and what does not need to be investigated. — how to determine what  is significant enough to merit an investigation and what is insignificant and therefore doesn't need to be investigated.

IV. What a legal, thorough, and timely investigation looks like.

V. Case studies and sample investigation reports will be presented and discussed so that the attendee is capable of writing a comprehensive report.

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