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IntegraEd Courses: Students  

ComplyAssist features a basic interface for students to access assigned courses and quizzes. Students may start, stop, resume or review past lessons as they please. The portal home page displays the student’s progress and provides a customized certificate upon completion. Students’ progress and test scores are captured and available via the Title IX Coordinator’s online portal for efficient tracking and monitoring.

IntegraEd offers four student-training courses, each 15 minutes long and each customized with age-appropriate language and explanations. Each course covers the specific definitions and content mandated by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Click the below links to view samples of the online courses.

  1. Kindergarten through Second Grade Students
  2. Third through Sixth Grade Students
  3. Middle through High School Students
  4. College Students
  5. (Note, these and the full videos follow Office of Civil Rights/Department of Eduction age guidelines, utilizing language and content which they require.)

Kindergarten through Second Grade Students Course

Recognizing this student population’s significantly shorter attention span, this course is just under 10 minutes. An animated cartoon featuring Koala and Rhino provides a colorful example of what sexual discrimination can look like and why it’s wrong. Unlike the three other student courses, drugs and alcohol aren’t discussed, and there’s no testing component.

Third Grade through College Student Courses

The latter three courses for older students include a testing component and cover:

  • Title IX overview
  • Discrimination definitions (see below for complete list)
  • Statements to adopt (see below for complete list)
  • Prohibited behaviors under Title IX
  • The role of alcohol and drugs in discrimination and violence
  • Understanding at-risk students
  • Strategies for bystanders to help prevent sexual violence
  • Introduction to the school’s Title IX Coordinator and corresponding contact information
  • How to report a discrimination complaint and encouragement to do so
  • Whom to speak to confidentially about an incident
  • Victim advocacy and support
  • The school’s investigation process for discrimination complaints
  • The school’s disciplinary code and consequences for offenders  
  • The student’s right to law enforcement proceedings as a Title IX investigation occurs
  • How the school determines if actions created a hostile environment
  • Effects of trauma on the victim, including neurobiological changes


Consent, hostile environment, hostile environment conditions, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Statements to Adopt

Statement of the school’s Title IX jurisdiction, statement prohibiting discrimination, statement prohibiting retaliation and the statement on philosophy and strategies for bystanders to intervene.

Below are brief highlights of the IntegraEd ComplyAssist Courses for students:

K-2 Hightlight Sample

3-6 Highlight Sample 1

3-6 Highlight Sample 2


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