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IntegraEd Courses: Faculty and Staff

Title IX requires that all faculty, staff, substitute teachers and qualifying vendors receive nondiscrimination training. The ComplyAssist program not only fully complies with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights’ mandates, but it also goes beyond nondiscrimination training to explain administrators’ added responsibilities in complying with Title IX:

  • Understanding discrimination and at-risk demographics
  • Recognizing behavioral indicators of violence  
  • Presenting nondiscrimination training to your students
  • Tracking your students’ nondiscrimination training progress
  • Printing certificates for students successfully completing the course
  • Explaining complaint process and available services to victims
  • Comprehending confidentiality responsibilities  
  • Submitting incident reports and contacting the Title IX Coordinator

Following the course, faculty, staff and qualifying vendors complete a test demonstrating and documenting their comprehension. Faculty and staff members’ progress and test scores are captured and available via the Title IX Coordinator’s online portal for efficient tracking and monitoring.

Below are two short highlight clips of IntegraEd faculty and staff training progras.

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