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IntegraEd Courses: Title IX Coordinator

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights recommends that each school appoint a Title IX Coordinator to oversee the school’s compliance with Title IX. Researching Title IX, revising the school’s nondiscrimination policy, providing nondiscrimination training, tracking of everyone’s training completion, and investigating and documenting discrimination charges could consume your Title IX Coordinator’s entire workweek.

Thankfully, IntegraEd has developed the materials, courses, software, training, procedures and templates to make Title IX compliance as easy and quick as possible. Compliance begins with training the Title IX Coordinator on how to use IntegraEd’s ComplyAssist program, and the course covers:

  • Determining when Title IX has been violated
  • Understanding high-risk student populations
  • Special Title IX protections for at-risk demographics
  • Title IX nondiscrimination training mandates
  • Victim counseling, recovery and documentation
  • Investigating and documenting Title IX offenses
  • Bringing school policy in compliance
  • Identifying and addressing systematic and patterns of problems
  • Preventing and addressing retaliation
  • Using the ComplyAssist system
  • Monitoring nondiscrimination training compliance

To ensure the Title IX Coordinator understands his or her responsibilities, a test follows the course.

Below is a short highlight of the IntegraEd Title IX Coordinator program:

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