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Prevention and Management Tools for Bullying, Harassment and Violence in Schools, Colleges and Universities

We've Literally Written the Book On
School Compliance and Safety

Schools and colleges across the country face mounting pressure to "do something" about bullying, sexual harassment and violence. The challenges are many, but one of the biggest is simply managing and tracking complaints, violations and reports—and doing so in a way that improves student safety while meeting the growing tsunami of state and federal regulations.

The leaders of IntegraEd have released a book that first the first time provides an easy-to-read but comprehensive overview of this problem and takes a professional look at solutions. "From Bullying to Sexual Violence—Protecting Students and Schools Through Compliance" is both an outstanding starting point for learning about this trend and also an outstanding handbook for meeting requirements.

These requirements are extensive and apply to other forms of discrimination as well. The consequences for noncompliance are significant. Yet right now, less than 1% of schools nationwide are in compliance, putting their students and their schools at risk. Ultimately, compliance will help both students and schools, and so will this book.

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Steve Cohen, EdD, and Larry Altman, JD, have extensive backgrounds that enable them to assist schools from elementary to university level with compliance with Title IX. They know that with compliance comes protection and see it as a vehicle to protect students and schools, something they care deeply about.

Cohen, a management expert, has a doctorate in educational psychology and expertise in Title VII, which is basically the business version of Title IX.

Altman has been an advocate for students in his entire legal career from private practice to Title IX coordinator for a district with thirty-four schools, including vocational and alternative high schools. By combining their strengths, they hope to do their part to eliminate all forms of student bullying and harassment.

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance