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About Us: Message from the CEO

Our mission at IntegraEd is to provide educators with comprehensive solutions to manage, reduce and eliminate bullying, sexual harassment and problems leading to self-harm or suicide.

We know educators care about these problems. But as they struggle with overwhelming daily issues, it's easy to miss the kind of repeat incidents and other warning signs that may precede tragedies. A teacher or administrator may witness one incident here, but not know about another incident there. When a tragedy occurs, everyone wonders how “they” missed the warning signs.

IntegraEd was created because we repeatedly heard from educators struggling with this seemingly simple problem. Some tried to use existing tools like spreadsheets or supply programs to track and manage. Others invested in expensive, specialized tools designed to meet one federal requirement or another, but never the unique range experienced in different and unique school environments.

We knew there was a better way. Led by our ComplyAssist software suite and the new Safe Schools phone app, IntegrEd provides educators with robust, flexible and easy-to-use technology that makes tracking incidents and potential tragedies almost automatic. Administrators can easily see trends by a range of criteria then develop and track responses. When parents or regulators call, they have answers, not questions.

Steve M. Cohen, Ed.D., CMC,
CEO, IntegraEd

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance