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About Us: IntegraEd Team

The IntegraEd team includes industry experts, certified teachers and licensed therapists specializing in creating a fair environment, nondiscrimination education and learning management systems. We have combined our expertise to deliver the best Title IX compliance program available.

Steve Cohen, Ed.D.

Steve Cohen has dedicated his career to helping organizations improve their human resources departments and functions, including addressing sexual harassment, teaching motivational management, improving workplace diversity and providing employee training.

He is a published author of Mess Management: Lessons From a Corporate Hit Man and Ministry Mess Management: Solving Leadership Failures. With the creation of IntegraEd, Steve remains committed to his personal mission of creating a safe and fair workplace for all.

Patricia Winkler
Secondary School Curriculum Development

Patricia Winkler is an experienced educator who specializes in teaching and educating secondary school students. With her expertise and passion, Patricia is a valued member of the IntegraEd team who advises on all aspects of secondary-grade-level curriculum development and testing.

Linda Young
Primary School Curriculum Development

Linda Young is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in treating primary school children and addressing the bullying and harassment challenges Title IX is designed to prevent. Her expertise is an ideal match for IntegraEd and its mission to provide grade-specific training that even the youngest student can benefit from and understand.

Andy Cohen
CTO / Lead Software Engineer

Andy is an experienced Software Engineer and Open Source contributor. He heads our engineering department, leading the design and development of our two software products. SafeStudents & ComplyAssist.

Marc Winkler
Business Development

Marc Winkler is an experienced business and financial advisor who specializes in mid-sized organizations. With his background in matching business opportunities to needs, Marc is a valuable leader of IntegraEd and is responsible for managing the business development efforts and day-to-day operations.

Larry Altman
Title IX and Legal Development

An attorney since 1976, Larry Altman has served as the special education lead attorney and compliance officer for the Kansas City Public School District and as the Title IX coordinator for the district. He is an adjunct professor at Avila University in Kansas City. While in private practice, he focused exensively on chidren with special needs. He is a regular contributor and speaker for several national organizations, including the national Council Of School Attorneys.

Maxine Garrison
Education Consultant, Editor

In addition to 22 years of experience in education, Max Garrison has more than ten years as a writer/editor for educational venues and businesses, including book editing for business owners and professional speakers. During her last 15 years as an educator, she developed and implemented hands-on, school and community-based diversity training for students and presented the program at Kansas City area and national practitioner’s conferences

Dale Garrison
Communications Developer

A veteran of newspaper and magazine editing, Dale Garrison has spent the last 24 years as a communications consultant, writer and editor for print and digital media. His clients include organizations involved in mental health care and developmental disabilities.

Macy Graham

Macy Graham has served 24 years as an IT consultant. Her service has included, application development, database design, reporting, support of vendor and in-house applications. Additionally, her duties included gathering requirements from internal and external clients.

Zoey Shopmaker

Zoey is currently pursuing her Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She has an extensive history studying gender and sexuality, as well as participating in educational programs to inform the public on transgender-related issues. Post-graduation, she intends to continue this work by opening her own private practice and working in the non-profit sector with children, teens, and young adults. She has also has a passion for writing, rapping, and music production.

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