Gender Policy Alliance

Prevention and Management Tools for Bullying, Harassment and Violence in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Students Need Safety. Parents Expect It. The Goverment Demands It

Schools Are Expected
To Ensure Student Safety.

But Without the Right Tools, It’s Guesswork

IntegraEd Offers Protection For Schools And Students With
The Smart Phone App And The Incident Management Software

SafeStudents Phone App ScreenSafeStudents

Simple, Safe, Anonymous reporting for students.

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ComplyAssist's administrator’s dashboard allows easy management and reporting of incidents by busy school admiministrators.

It's user-defined settings allow maximum flexibility. Documents your responses. Manages investigations.

Compliant with requirements of the U.S. Department of Education and Office of Civil Rights as well as new regulations such as Missouri 1583 and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

ComplyAssist admnistrator's dashboard

We've Written the Book on Safety and School Compliance